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Nature is my primary source of inspiration, informing both my creative vision and process. It is a source of joy and comfort. I learned about color and design while wandering through the woods, hiking in the mountains and birding. I observed the mighty and the mundane, the familiar and the exotic, all equally precious.


I play with this simultaneity of subtlety and dynamism as I develop the layers of my paintings. I am intrigued by the process of layering paint onto the canvas, using a palette knife and brushes and allowing new colors and textures. At times I let the colors guide me, encouraging me to wander into new fields and experiment with new gestures and rhythmic brushstrokes.


My creative process is a search for intimacy, inspired by the rawness, beauty and resplendence of nature. As I navigate the ineffability of this process, my hope is that it invites the viewer to travel with me, and creates the space necessary to reflect, explore, and inform their own journey.

Currently based in the Chicago area, Lucille Herman has exhibited lithographs, engravings, constructions, paintings and figure drawings in the US and Europe. Lucille’s 30 plus year practice as an Art Therapist and teacher in the Art Therapy Graduate program at the School of the Art Institute supports a process-oriented and transformational approach to the creation of art. 

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